Australia Immigration Eligibility Point Calculator

The process of applying for Australian immigration can be a long and complicated one. Although the Department of Home Affairs has detailed eligibility requirements for potential applicants, the actual number of points needed to be successful can vary depending on a number of factors. To help streamline and simplify the process, the Australian Government offers an Australia Immigration Eligibility Point Calculator. With this calculator, potential applicants can quickly and easily determine if they meet the eligibility requirements to immigrate to Australia.

First, the potential applicant must input their demographic information, such as age, language ability, work experience, and educational level. After completing this section, the calculator will then ask them for the number of points they need to meet the eligibility criteria. The minimum number of points required to be eligible is sixty-five.

Once the number of points needed is specified, the calculator will provide a range of score ranges for those who meet the minimum requirements, as well as details about any additional points that may be applied for. This in-depth information is particularly useful for those applying for specific types of visas, where specific criteria must be met.

The calculator also offers assistance when it comes to calculating the exact number of points needed for any particular visa. Instead of manually searching for each individual factor or having to use a conversion table, the calculator allows applicants to input the specific data for the visa they are applying for and will instantly generate the number of points required.

One of the great advantages the calculator offers is that it can act as an early warning system for applicants. Should an applicant find that they are not going to reach the necessary number of points to be able to make a successful visa application, the calculator can make recommendations as to how to boost their overall score. This can range from studying language courses or taking part in Australian internships to helping to provide additional evidence of statistical information.

Moreover, the calculator is available in multiple formats, which makes accessing it easier than ever before. It can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website, or as an app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. These latter versions also come with links to further useful information on the immigration process and eligibility criteria, as well as access to other interactive tools, such as a visa skill selector.

No matter where an applicant is in the immigration process, the Australia Immigration Eligibility Point Calculator can be a huge help. Not only can it provide a clear indication of whether or not an application is likely to be successful, it can also give the applicant useful information on how to improve the chances of a successful outcome.

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Australian Skilled Visas Type
Age( Maximum 30 )
English Language Ability( Maximum 20 )
Qualification( Maximum 20 )
Foreign Work Experience( Maximum 15 )
Australia Work Experience( Maximum 20 )
Partner Qualification( Maximum 10 )